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Cardi B - Anything but Boring!

Shaina Robinson

If you don’t know who Cardi B is yet, you soon will. This vivacious young lady from the Bronx is taking the entire media world by storm! It’s no wonder either; this hip and crazy lady has a style and attitude so unique that it made her a star, pulling instant success her way overnight.Β  When she first started out, she grabbed the Instagram audience’s attention with her less than one minute comic eruptions on any subject under the sun. Her taffy-thick New York accent just adds a bit of spice to the humor. As another outspoken and opinionated woman,...

Shaina Robinson

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Everything about Kooky's kids apparel screams, "Cuddle me, squeeze me, dip me in chocolate, and gobble me up!" When I stepped intoΒ Diddy's Kollection, IΒ knew right away that little robot baby could take me anywhere. The face and outfit captured my heart. The two-piece 100% cotton, one-eyed, double-antenna, bright red and blue, topped with an almost elfin cap literally had me wanting five more babies right then and there! Β Β  They couldn't have picked a better model to ham it up for the camera either. Those cheeks, big doe eyes, and Oscar-winning smile sell the little robot pajama suit. If they...