Our Story

Growing up Shaina Robinson (Rogers) was given the nickname Cookie by her aunt Nessa. In middle school she decided to change the spelling to represent the area her and her family grew up in. (Kinloch, MO.) 🏑

She developed a passion for fashion at a very young age. Everywhere she went she received compliments on the way she dressed and the way she dressed her daughter. 😍

One day Kooky decided to sell her pre-loved clothes from her closet. Item's flew from her closet hangers, shipping all around the world! πŸš›

After just one year of selling her pre-loved items she decided to open her own boutique, selling Brand New Clothes. This is how she developed the nameΒ Kooky'sΒ Kloset!! πŸ’ƒ

Thank's for getting to know me! πŸ˜‰ NOW LET'S START SHOPPING! πŸ›