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Everything about Kooky's kids apparel screams, "Cuddle me, squeeze me, dip me in chocolate, and gobble me up!" When I stepped into Diddy's Kollection, I knew right away that little robot baby could take me anywhere. The face and outfit captured my heart. The two-piece 100% cotton, one-eyed, double-antenna, bright red and blue, topped with an almost elfin cap literally had me wanting five more babies right then and there!

Unisex Robot PJ's  

They couldn't have picked a better model to ham it up for the camera either. Those cheeks, big doe eyes, and Oscar-winning smile sell the little robot pajama suit. If they had it for adults, I'd buy three. He looks so happy and blissful, without a care in the world; every article of clothing you own should make you feel that way. Find me a pair of PJs that does that, and give me that type of grin, and I'm sold!

The website is also very self-explanatory and all the sizes are easily explained in a simple-to-follow chart. Even a robot could understand it!

The next article of clothing that caught my eye and made me pause to just say, "Wow! Just WOW!" was found in New New's Kollection. It is the "Like Mother, Like Daughter Floral Lace Dress". This dress is reminiscent of the centuries past when families gathered after church in their Sunday best for afternoon picnics.

Like Mother, Like Daughter Floral Lace Dress

This little girl's dress is off-white, cut just above the knee and covered in a half-scallop lace pattern. The arms are see-through down half way to the wrist. One can imagine this little girl sitting underneath a great big oak tree, her mother in a longer lace dress, both of the Roaring 20s, both donning little white caps with a touch of lace covering their brows. Father and brother are in three-piece pinstripe suites, and all are sipping on sweet iced tea, nibbling at an egg salad or cucumber sandwiches watching a badminton game take place by one of the neighboring families. 

It's amazing how one article of clothing can bring such nostalgic thoughts into focus, and make you yearn for those better days for your very own family. All of Kooky's children's clothing gives you that wholesome, empowering aura for your daughters. Right down to the Navy Blue Ruffled Outer Shirt emblazoned with the words, "Girls Can Do Anything".

Girls Can Do Anything Ruffle Sleeve Top

What a powerful message to send our young ladies of the new millennium. We live in a time when a young girls' self-esteem is heavily bombarded with negativity from more sources than ever before; T.V. magazines, social media, etc. and all of these messages being thrown at them at a million hits per second. This is the time where social and female empowerment in our little girls is even more critical; Kooky's Kloset embraces this knowledge and showers our young ladies with the garments they need to be bold, brave and beautiful. 

Kooky's Kloset clothes are soft, fun and engaging. They have a style that says, "Wear me, and make them wonder." Anyone can be a Marshall's girl, but how many can say they are KOOKY? Are you a Kooky style of woman? Let us know in the comments section!

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